6 Benefits of Using Off-Site Meeting Rooms

Studies suggest that two-thirds of planners for meetings say that off-site meeting rooms are more productive than your regular office meeting space. Here’s why taking a break from your office space or meeting room can be beneficial to your business.

1. Utilising inspiring & creative spaces

Bring out those big new ideas from your team with a change of environment. Four new walls, with some country air and fresh catering will inspire innovation and solutions from your team.

2. Making meeting more memorable

Being out and about with colleagues does not happen every day and gives employees a chance to speak out and impress. People are more likely to retain what they learn in off-site meetings and discuss it!

3. Reducing stress and improving focus

A higher ceiling, windows and a full stomach help delegates to focus on the deliverance of a conference and on their own contribution. A change from the scenery and routine can revitalise a person and detach them from their everyday stresses and worries.


4. Increase productivity

Increasing the productivity of your employees is not only good for business but also their self-esteem. Studies have shown that off-site meeting rooms can assist in doing exactly that. By escaping your regular meeting room you can help employees to refresh their minds and think outside the box. Off-site meeting rooms can also be used to share better business practices and get more out of your meeting.

5. Ideal for networking and team building

By stepping out of the office, employees get a chance to get to know each other and seize networking opportunities. With a team building activity they can understand more about how their abilities can complement each other and the business. Helping you to capture that energy and bring it back to your regular meeting venue, off-site meeting spaces can be useful in igniting passion and inspiring employees to take further responsibility within a business.



6. Access to high-spec technology

With access to top level technology, a great conference or meeting room can bring a new dimension to your meetings. With stunning sound and visual apparatus including the latest data projectors and speaker system, our award-winning facilities can help to bring a meeting to life.

Having now seen why off-site meeting rooms can be beneficial for your business and employees, why not learn more about the fantastic facilities on offer here at Stamford Court?

Providing a fresh space to let the creativity flow and productivity spiral, our team work seamlessly behind the scenes to settle your guests into our comfortable and cordial environment.

Our meeting rooms and staff have won awards for their quality and delivery respectively, adding to our image as one of the finest fully inclusive conference facilities and meeting rooms in Leicester.

To find out more about hosting a conference or team-building day in one of our 16 pitch-perfect meeting rooms, call 0116 223 1680 to speak with a member of the team.

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